Adult bible fellowships

Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are designed to bring adults into a mid-size community to study God's Word and care for one another. Meeting 9:00 am to 10:10 am, ABF's are held while Sunday School is offered for our children (Classes listed below).

We teach the Bible for the purpose of life application. People who really love and know each other can study the Bible better together and apply it with more integrity and directness. ABF's help keep our lives
balanced and on target to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

    ABF Options:

    Bereans - "The Book of Malachi"

    Our largest ABF and also our most diverse as far as age and life stage goes. They meet with round tables and spend time in discussion.

    - Michael Benefield and Larry Foerster

    New Life - "The Book of Philippians"

    New Life tends to consist of middle age to older adults, they love to search deep into scripture seeking life transformation.

    - Ves Caperton and Jim Mayfield

    Wordseekers - “Acts” 

    This class is made up of mainly older adults, John often leads with hymns and they meet on the last Friday night of each month for table games and dessert.

    -John Schubert

    The Quest - "Bible Study Methods"

    This community is our newest and is generally for younger adults and couples, with no kids or with younger kids. 

    - Michael Benefield

    College - "God's Grace"

    For ages 18 to 25, whether you are taking classes or not!

    - Paul and Kristin Zimmer